Multi Function Testers Kyoritsu 6020,6030

Multi Function Testers Kyoritsu 6020,6030
品 牌: Kyoritsu
型 號: 6020,6030
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+ Directive
+ Measuring communication circuit, measuring circuit, measuring soil resistivity ...
+ Test Voltage 125V/250V 250V/500V 1000V

Warranty: 12 months
Manufacturer: Kyoritsu - Japan
Origin: Japan

  6020 6030 6020/30
Insulation Test Specifications
Test Voltage 125V/250V 250V/500V 1000V
Measuring Ranges
0 ~1.999MΩ
1.00 ~19.99MΩ
10.0 ~199.9MΩ
0 ~19.99MΩ
10.0 ~199.9MΩ
100 ~1999MΩ
(3 auto ranges)
Accuracy |±2%rdg ±3dgt, ±10%rdg (on 1000~2000MΩ)
Open Circuit Voltage +20% -0% of Rated Test Voltage
Rated Test current 1mA DC +20%-0%
Short Circuit current 1.3mA DC approx.
Effect of AC Component
of Terminal Voltage
Within ±10% of reading when 5µF capacitor is connected in parallel on insulation test
Overload Protection 1200V (DC + ACp-p) for 10 seconds
Earth Resistance Test Specifications
Measuring Ranges(Ω) 0 ~199.9Ω
100 ~1999Ω (2 auto ranges)
Accuracy |±2%rdg ±3dgt
(at 500Ω auxiliary earth resistance)
Measuring Method By constant current inverter 820Hz approx. 2mA approx.
Overload Protection 200V AC for 10 seconds between measuring terminals
Voltage Test Specifications
Measuring Ranges (V) 0 ~ 199.9/100 ~ 600V (2 auto ranges)
Accuracy |±1%rdg ±4dgt
Sensing True RMS
Input Impedance 2MΩ
Overload Protection 900V AC for 1 minute
Phase Check Specifications
Measuring Range 100 ~ 600V (50Hz/60Hz)
(for checking correct or reverse phase and open phase)
Display 3 1/2(1999)digit large LCD
Response Time Approx. 4 seconds for AC voltage and earth resistance tests
Approx. 5 seconds for insulation resistance tests.
Withstand Voltage 5550V AC for one minute
Effect of Drop No electrical and mechanical damage shall occur when the unit
is dropped from a height of 1 m onto the concrete floor.
Effect of Temperature Readings shall not differ greater than specified below when taken at a reference temperature of 23ºC and varied temperature of 0ºC and 40ºC. AC Voltage 3% ±2 dgt insulation resistance and earth resistance 5% ±2 dgt
Operating Temperature Range 0-40ºC
Dimensions 130 × 238 × 207mm
(main body plus cord reel module)
105 × 238 × 207mm (main body only)
Weight Approx. 1.6kg (main body only)
Approx. 750g (cord reel module only)
Power Supply 1.5V LR6 alkaline battery or equivalent × 8 (for main body only)
1.5V LR6 alkaline battery or equivalent × 1 (probe only)
Safety Standard IEC 61010-1 CAT.III 600V Pollution Degree 2
Accessories 7092 (Cord Reel)
8082 (Extension Probe)
7089 (Test Lead (large))
7090 (Test Lead (small))
7088 (Test Lead for Phase Check)
7091 (Test Lead) x 1set(red-20m, yellow-10m, green-5m)
8083 (Auxiliary Earth Spikes) x 1set
9081 (Carrying Case)
LR6 x 9, Instruction Manual,
Shoulder strap, Shoulder Pad, Set of "0" rings
Optional 2417 (Water Proof Leakage Clamp Meter)
7093 (Cord for Extension Probe)
9080 (Aluminum Carrying Case)




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