Earth Testers Kyoritsu 4105AH, K4105AH (20/200/2000Ω)

Earth Testers Kyoritsu 4105AH, K4105AH (20/200/2000Ω)
品 牌: Kyoritsu
型 號: 4105AH, K4105AH (20/200/2000Ω)
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Hard case
the metering
+ Resistance: 0 ~ 20Ω / 0 ~ 200Ω / 0 ~ 2000Ω
+ Ground Voltage [50.60 Hz]: 0 ~ 200V AC
+ Resistance: ± 2% rdg ± 0.1Ω (20Ωrange)
               ± 2% rdg ± 3dgt (200Ω/2000Ωrange)
+ Ground voltage ± 1% rdg ± :: 4dgt
Source: R6P (AA) (1.5V) × 6
Size: 105 (L) × 158 (W) × 70 (D) mm
Weight: 550g approx.
+ 7095A (Earth resistance test leads) × 1SET
(red-20m, 10m yellow-, green-5m)
+ 8032 (Auxiliary earth spikes) × 1SET
+ 7127A (Simplified measurement probe) × 1SET
  + R6P (AA) × 6
+ Instruction Manual
Warranty: 12 months
Manufacturer: Kyoritsu - Japan
Origin: Thailand


Dust and drip proof.(designed to IEC 529 IP54)
In addition to the facility for precision measurement, test leads for simplified two wire measuring system also supplied as standard accessories.
(unit can be hung from the neck for simplified measurement)
Designed to meet IEC 61010-1 safety standard.
Capable of measuring earth voltage.
Automatic warning when resistance of auxiliary earth spikes is in excess of tolerance.
Small and lightweight. Shock resistant new case material.
2mA measuring current permits earth resistance tests without tripping earth leakage current breakers in the circuit under test.
4105A Soft Case Model
4105A-H Hard Case Model
4105A Soft Case Model
4105A-H Hard Case Model
Earth Resistance: 0~20Ω/0~200Ω/0~2000Ω
Earth Voltage [50,60Hz]: 0~200V AC
Accuracy Earth Resistance: ±2%rdg±0.1Ω (20Ωrange)
|±2%rdg±3dgt (200Ω/2000Ωrange)
Earth Voltage: ±1%rdg±4dgt
Overload Protection Earth Resistance: 280V AC for 10 seconds
across 2 of the 3 terminals
Earth Voltage: 300V AC for 1 minute
Safety Standard IEC 61010-1 CAT.III 300V Pollution Degree 2, IEC 61557  
Applicable Standards IEC 60529 IP54  
Withstand Voltage 3700V AC for 1 minute  
Power Source R6P (AA) (1.5V) × 6  
Dimensions 105(L) × 158(W) × 70(D)mm  
Weight 550g approx.  
Accessories 7095A (Earth resistance test leads) × 1set
(red-20m, yellow-10m, green-5m)
8032 (Auxiliary earth spikes) × 1set
7127A (Simplified measurement probe) × 1set
R6P (AA) × 6
Neck strap
Instruction Manual
Carrying Case : 9084 (Soft case)
  : 9165 (Hard case)
Optional 7100 (Precision measurement cord set)





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